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A combined image of various pieces of artwork.

support for your journey

Creative expression is more than just an outlet.

It’s a way for anyone touched by cancer to share hope.

Lilly Oncology on Canvas

There are millions of untold cancer stories happening every day. In 2004, Lilly Oncology, the National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS), and members of the global cancer community came together to launch Oncology on Canvas®, an art competition that gives people living with cancer—and those who care for them—a way to tell their stories through creativity and bring comfort and support to others by sharing their cancer journeys.

Your art. Your story.

The impact of art therapy on people touched by cancer is just now being fully appreciated. In 2013—almost a decade after Lilly Oncology on Canvas began—the Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine published a review of 27 studies of more than 1500 people living with cancer and concluded that art therapy has the potential to alleviate symptoms of pain, anxiety, and depression and improve overall quality of life.

With our commitment to discover new ways of caring beyond treatment, Lilly Oncology is expanding the mission of Oncology on Canvas to support art therapists and contribute to the clinical and emotional benefits art therapy may bring to people affected by cancer. This year, millions of people will begin their cancer journey—millions more will care for them. Lilly Oncology on Canvas was designed with the goal of helping support healing experiences through creativity in whatever form it takes. Yours may be a painting, a song, a quilt, or a poem—whatever inspires you. Chances are, it could inspire others to share their story, too.

Be inspired.

Visit the Lilly Oncology on Canvas galleries to see journeys shared and winning works of art.

Three pieces of artwork from the LOOC online gallery.
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LOOC Your art. Your story. logo NCCS logo

The Lilly Oncology on Canvas art competition is evolving.

Lilly Oncology knows it’s not enough to just treat cancer. We also must help encourage each person it affects. Our commitment to the cancer community is to help meet the need for emotional support beyond treatment for all who are on the cancer journey. As part of that commitment, the Lilly Oncology on Canvas art competition is evolving. If you’d like to be among the first to know about competition news and changes, sign up to receive e-mail updates.

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The Lilly Oncology on Canvas art competition.

You don’t have to be a professional artist to share your story.

Whether you want to enter the Lilly Oncology on Canvas competition or you just need a way to express your feelings, art may provide the outlet you need. In this video series, you’ll find tips to help you express your cancer journey in the medium of your choice.

Celebrating 10 years of cancer journeys expressed through creativity

In 2014, The Hope Murals Project commemorated the tenth anniversary of Lilly Oncology on Canvas. Ten individual artworks from the Lilly Oncology on Canvas art competition were selected by public voting to become lasting symbols of hope in ten cities across the United States and Puerto Rico. Communities came together to turn these artworks into Hope Murals and show their support for people touched by cancer.

Hope Murals logo